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PPR Will Provide The Capability to:

  • Increase Production Reliability and Rate
  • Support SAP Functionality and Improve Adaptation
  • Execute Key Projects 
    • Leaders
    • Owner Rep Roles
    • Design Input and Validation
    • Quality Compliance
    • SU Validation and Training
  • Augment Organizational Skills and Fill Highly Skilled Staffing Gaps

It's Time to increase production

Project and Production Resources LLC specializes in providing professional resources and services in the following

  • Project Management & Services
  • Construction Management & Services
  • Start up Management
  • Engineering Management
  • Packaging Material and Process Optimization
  • Production and Project Team Management
  • Mechanically and Electrically skilled technicians
  • SAP and Logistical Resources
  • PLC / Controls Technician Services
  • Contract Manufacturing Owner Reps

Why Project and Production